How To Choose A Crypto Payment Processor In India

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Cryptocurrency adoption is on a massive rise in the Indian market, with businesses increasingly getting interested in accepting crypto payments. This has been so due to the increasing popularity of digital assets and associated advantages, such as faster transactions, low fees, and global reach, among others. However, choosing a proper crypto payment processor is very important in ensuring that the whole interaction is smooth and secure both for the business and clients/customers.


Here are the key considerations one needs to make while choosing a suitable crypto payment processor in India.

Supported Cryptocurrencies:

This would have a significant effect, depending on the number and variety of cryptocurrencies it supports, on your target audience. Some platforms like CoinGate support a list of over 70! targeting an extensive customer network. On the other end, Coinbase deals only with some seven popular cryptos.

Volatility Protection:

The prices of some cryptocurrencies can drop fast. Processors like Cryptomus convert the received payments into stablecoins automatically, protecting businessloadModel from market volatility thereby making the income predictable, especially in areas where profit margins are too low.

Transaction Fees:

The fee, of course, is charged by the crypto payment processors for arranging the transaction. This price may differ as per the cryptocurrency being used and how one’s processor was designed. Blockonomics does not have transactions for some time; others charge a flat percentage or fixed per-transaction fee.

Security and Regulations:

Security is paramount in any cryptocurrency dealing. Go for processors that have advanced measures of security, such as secure storage of users’ data and funds. While regulatory approaches to digital assets remain unclear in India, opt for processors that clearly show a commitment to compliance with existing regulations.

Ease of Integration:

The ease of integration with your previous e-commerce platform is necessary for its seamless user experience. Look for processors that offer plugins and apps specially crafted for massive platforms such as Shopify and WordPress. Cryptomus fronts the integration in minutes using ready solutions.

Customer Support:

Excellent customer support is essential in case any problems crop up in transactions. Assess the options provided for support, such as phone calls, e-mail, live chat, or even dedicated account managers.

Additional Features

Many crypto payment processors have features that will increase functionality in your business. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Mass payout: This is a feature Cryptomus has provided to help users send bulk payments to many recipients at once.
  • Flexible Commissions: Set a different commission rate on every cryptocurrency to your preference for keeping as much profit margin as possible—Available on Cryptomus.
  • Manage transaction status: Track the payment status of revenues, over- or under-payments, and extra invoicing (Cryptomus).
  • Advanced analytics: Know what’s happening in your payment trends and customer behavior to make informed business decisions (BitHide features).
  • Multi-User Access: different permission levels for team members with increased security and control over your account on one’s hand (available on BitHide).

Below is a closer look at some of the popular crypto payment processors operating in India:

  1. Cryptomus is a platform that automatically converts to stablecoin, offering free functionality such as mass payouts, commission control, and an easy-to-use interface. It provides ready-made plugins to popular e-commerce sites.
  2. BitHide deals with hardcore security features like IP address masking and transaction risk assessment; moreover, it provides multi-vendor payment management, access control, and a reporting tool.
  3. Coinbase is a platform that happens to be user-friendly in design, supporting seven major cryptocurrencies with a few peer basic features in invoicing.
  4. Blockonomics is popular because it allows customized payment links and can easily be integrated with WordPress and Shopify. This involves Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.
  5. CoinGate has more than 70 altcoins that can be processed, several payout alternatives are available, and invoicing tools and easy integration with third-party solutions are provided.
  6. BitPay is a globally known processor supporting more than 90 crypto wallets, allowing settlements in fiat currency or crypto. Added features encompass multi-user access, email billing, and the possibility of settlement daily.


In selecting the suitable crypto payment processor, one needs to have a realistic idea about one’s needs and priorities. Check against those factors above and do your homework on processors in the current market. Help yourself make an informed decision to can ensure all possible opportunities with crypto payments for enhancing the customer experience in the ever-evolving Indian market.