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One type of assistive technology that translates written information into spoken words is called text-to-speech (TTS) technology. There are many uses for TTS, ranging from voice synthesis in different industries to accessibility features in digital gadgets.

Have you heard of the TTSMaker Free text-to-speech platform? It is the finest program available in the market that helps users translate text information into spoken words within less time.

This article serves as your gateway to the world of Text-to-speech, offering insights into its functionalities, applications, and the myriad benefits it brings to both individuals and industries.

Whether you’re a content creator looking to enhance your multimedia projects or someone interested in the intersection of artificial intelligence and linguistics, this comprehensive guide will unravel the intricacies of Text-to-speech technology and illuminate its diverse applications.

What is TTSMaker Free Text to Speech?

TTSMaker is a free text-to-speech program that offers speech synthesis services and is compatible with many voice styles and languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, English, French, German, and Spanish.

It may be used to read text and e-books aloud, and the audio files can be downloaded for business use (all for free). TTSMaker is a great online text-to-speech application that is free of cost.


  • It can be used to convert text to audio files that can be downloaded in the mp3, WAV, and reading-aloud formats.
  • The tool offers unrestricted free use for certain voices but has a weekly character limit of 20,000 characters.
  • It gives you the ability to pause between paragraphs and change the speech’s volume and tempo.
  • It also has a Quick Tutorial feature that walks users through the process of converting text to speech.

How to use TTSMaker Free Text to Speech?

If you are looking to translate your text to speech for free, then here are some of the steps that you can follow.

Step 1: Search “TTSMaker Free Text to Speech” on Google search and go to its official website.

Step 2: After opening its official website, it looks like this. You don’t have to create an account to use its services. You can directly paste your text and start using it.

Step 3: As a next step, paste the text that you want to translate to speech and select the language as per your requirement.

Step 4: After selecting the language, you need to choose the “Voice” as per your requirement. There are many voice variations in male and female voices and there is also the slang difference in each language.

Step 5: After selecting the voice, you need to enter the verification code as shown below. This verification is just to check whether the user is a human being or a machine.

Step 6: If you still want to make any changes, then you can select the “More Setting” option given below.

Step 7: In the more settings, you can change Audio File Format, Audio Quality, Voice Speed, Voice Volume, Pitch Adjustment, and Adjust the pause time of each paragraph (new line).

Step 8: Once you complete making all the changes, just click on the “Convert To Speech” button. It will convert your text within less time and show you the successful message.

Step 9: If you want to share the file with anyone then you can download the speech by clicking on the “Download Voice File” button given below.


  • TTSMaker is a great online text-to-speech application that is Free of Cost.


  • People loved it because it allowed users to translate the data from various languages.
  • When compared to Google Text-to-Speech and Amazon Polly, TTSMaker is a Free Text-to-speech program and easy to use.
  • Lastly, it provides email help at


  • Provides online tutorials
  • Quick language switching
  • Downloadable mp3, wav files
  • Offers 100+ voice styles
  • Character limit of 20000/week
  • Supports 100+ languages


  • No offline mode
  • Limited free voices
  • Limited character count
  • No mobile application
  • Unknown network latency
  • Audio files temporary


1. How can I use TTSMaker to turn text into speech?

With TTSMaker, users may turn text into speech by entering the appropriate text, choosing their favorite voice style and language, and then clicking “Convert to Speech.”

2. Can documents be read aloud by TTSMaker?

3. Is the synthesized audio from TTSMaker accessible for download in any format?

4. What is TTSMaker’s character limit?

5. Why is there a pause option in TTSMaker between paragraphs?

6. Why does the audio file be deleted by TTSMaker after a day?


TTSMaker Free Text to Speech is a wonderful tool that is easy and user-friendly to use and has many advanced settings to customize the output of voice speech. I especially like the settings of adjusting the voice speed, voice pitch, and pause time of each paragraph. I would recommend everyone to try this amazing Text to Speech(TTS) online tool to translate your text content into an audio file.