Empowering the World with LLama 2: Microsoft and Meta's Open-Source

Microsoft has a strong partnership with OpenAI and is deeply involved in shaping the industry together.

OpenAI cares deeply about AI safety and their mission reflects in the innovations they bring forth.

Microsoft is one of the largest contributors to open source, and they continue to promote open-source AI initiatives.

Meta AI's LLama 2 is coming to both Azure and Windows platforms, and Microsoft is excited to integrate it into their services.

LLama 2 represents a significant advancement in open-source AI foundation models, capturing the imagination of what can be achieved.

Microsoft is especially excited about LLama 2 being optimized for Windows, allowing application developers to utilize frontier models for transformative software development.

Microsoft's commitment to open-source AI and their partnership with Meta aims to shape the future of AI technology and its impact on the world.

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