PS2 Filter AI: How to do PS2 filter photo Trend for (FREE)?

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This new AI trend is going viral on social media, with people enjoying converting themselves into PlayStation game characters. They are converting their images into PS2 Filter style game characters and posting them on social apps like TikTok and Instagram.

Would you like to participate in this trend? If yes, then I will help you complete the PS2 filter AI trend.

Here, I am going to provide a quick guide on how you can turn your pictures into PS2 filter AI video game characters and gain followers on TikTok and Instagram.”

What is PS2 Filter AI?

PS2 Filter AI is the new name given to the latest trend that involves converting images into PlayStation 2000s game characters. The AI PS2 filter originated as a Midjourney prompt designed to replicate the iconic graphic style of the PlayStation 2 console from the 2000s.

You can easily create your own PS2 filter AI images or photos by using the freemium tool called Replicate. Replicate is the web application used to deploy the custom AI models and fine-tune the open-source models.

How to make yourself to PS2 Filter AI Photo?

Follow the below steps to create your PS2 Filter AI Photo:

Step 1: Visit the Replicate Website: Go to the Replicate website and create an account. Keep in mind that some of your personal data will be shared with the AI program.

ps2 filter replicate

Step 2: Now select or search for the fofr/ face-to-many. By using this model you can Turn a face into 3D, emoji, pixel art, video game, claymation or toy.

Step 3: First you need to upload the image or take a photo with webcam.

Step 4: Choose the Videogame Style: Under style option select the “videogame“.

Step 5: Add the Prompt Text: In the “Prompt” section, input the following text: pixelated glitchart of close-up of {subject}, ps2 playstation psx gamecube game gta, dreams screencapture, bryce 3d –style ddCHhSumaNyOrL1Q

Step 6: Add Negative prompt if you want to add.

Step 7: Generate and Edit: Once the images are ready, the app allows you to edit and download the final image.

Step 8: Run and Save: Tap ‘Run’ to save your selection. You’ve created your own PS2-style picture.

The Rise of PS2 Filter AI Graphics

From past few days, This trend revolves around the PS2 Filter AI , which transports us back to the early 2000s, evoking memories of the iconic PlayStation 2 era. The PS2 Filter AI photo effects mimics the visual style of PlayStation 2 video game playing characters.

The PS2 was launched in Japan on March 4, 2000, and it gained a lot of popularity in the gaming space. Today, people are enjoying creating PS2 gaming filter characters.

How To Make PS2 Graphics?

The first major advantage the PS2 had over the PS1 was more RAM, meaning that it was able to utilize higher quality textures in its in-game models.

PS1 textures tended to be very pixelated because while it could handle textures up to 256 by 256 pixels, it was much more common to use 128 and 64 pixel textures to save on memory.

  • PS1 Textures: Limited to 256×256 pixels.
  • PS2 Textures: Capable of handling up to 512×512 pixels.

Texture Filtering and Enhanced Realism

The PS2 introduced texture filtering, which reduces the appearance of jagged pixels on textures, making them look smoother. This was a significant enhancement over the PS1, where such filtering wasn’t possible.

Lighting Technology

Another major improvement in the PS2 was in lighting technology. Most PS1 games did not use any real-time lighting whatsoever and relied entirely on textures, vertex colors, and pre-rendered environments to convey any sense of light.

  • PS1 Lighting: Relied on static textures and pre-rendered environments.
  • PS2 Lighting: Introduced real-time lighting effects, adding depth and realism to scenes.

Diverse Visual Styles

Developers had way more freedom to experiment with unique visual styles and techniques thanks to the PS2’s increased power. This resulted in a wide variety of games with distinct visual identities, ranging from bright cartoony games to dark realistic ones, flat cell-shaded games, anime-style games, and more.


The AI PS2 Filter trend combines nostalgia with modern technology, allowing us to relive the gaming era of the early 2000s. If you’re gamer or a fan of retro aesthetics or simply curious, give it a try and transform yourself into a PlayStation 2 character.