Top 23 GPTs You Should Try Right Now 2024

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I’ve been diving into the world of GPTs lately, and let me tell you, it’s been quite a ride. I’ve tested over 250 different GPTs this week alone, with plenty more on my checklist.

I’ve narrowed down the top 10 GPTs so far that I believe will blow your mind.

1. Prompty – Your Personal Prompt Engineer


Let’s kick things off with “Prompty.” This one’s your personal prompt genius. Trained on various prompt creation techniques like Chain of Thought or few-shot prompting, it’s all about engineering the perfect prompt for your needs.

I tested it by asking for an SEO blog prompt.

A detailed, engaging SEO-optimized blog post prompt came right up. It’s a game-changer for enhancing your Chat GPT results.

2. Calendar GPT – Your Personal Assistant

Next up, we’ve got “Calendar GPT,” your ticket to turning ChatGPT into a personal assistant.

Calender GPT

Sync it with your calendar—be it personal or work-related. It requires a bit of integration, but once linked to your personal or work calendar, it becomes your personal assistant.

Imagine asking, “What’s my day look like?” and receiving an organized schedule. It might require a little integration magic using Zapier, but trust me, it’s worth it.

3. Canva GPT – Graphic Design Simplified

Canva GPT

Ever heard of “Canva GPT“? This one’s a gem for creating presentations, logos, and social media posts. While it’s still evolving, it’s poised to be a go-to for graphic design within ChatGPT.

I gave it a spin for an Instagram post—the results were a bit wonky, but the potential’s there.

Just a heads-up, there’s no official GPT store yet, so tread cautiously with personal info.

4. BABYAGI.TXT – Task Manager


Now, onto “BABYAGI.TXT,” your chat GPT conversation saver. It transforms your interactions into text files, perfect for creating to-do lists or organizing your day. This means creating to-do lists or organizing plans just got a lot easier.

Essentially, it’s a dedicated task manager version of Chant GPT, offering a seamless way to organize your thoughts.

5. Tech Support Advisor – Your Tech Wizard

Do you need tech assistance? Tech Support Advisor might be the answer. Among the 16 GPTs Chat GPT introduced, this one stands out for tech queries.

Tech Support Advisor

Whether it’s setting up a printer or troubleshooting, it gave me spot-on guidance compared to regular Chat GPT.

6. Simpsonize Me – Quickly Image Transformation

Simpsonize Me lets you upload a photo and transform it into a Simpson-style character. Upload a photo, and it’ll transform it into a Simpson-style character.

Simpsonize Me

It’s a hit-or-miss situation, though—worked great for my colleague but, well, not so much for me. Give it a shot for some quirky fun.

7. Escape The Haunt – Text-Based Escape Room

Ever wanted to play an escape room game using text? “Escape The Haunt” does just that! It generates images with clues, offering an intriguing text-based puzzle-solving experience. A perfect diversion for some brain-teasing fun.

8. LogoGPT – Sketch to Logo Magic

“LogoGPT” turns sketches into logos seamlessly. I doodled a quick sketch, uploaded it, and voila! It interpreted my design and created a minimalistic logo.


It’s fantastic for quick logo creation, where you can simply sketch a basic idea, upload it, and generate a logo. A fantastic tool for quick logo ideas.

9. Email GPT – Customer Service Wizard

Do you need help drafting customer service emails? “Email GPT” specializes in customer service emails. It’s customized to deliver precise responses to complaints or customer service scenarios. A niche GPT focusing on specific data sets for accurate results.

Email GPT

It specializes in customer service email responses, providing tailored solutions based on its narrow but precise training data.

10. GPT Finder – Your GPT Directory

GPT Finder

Last but not least, the “GPT Finder” is your friendly guide to finding the best GPTs out there. It’s a handpicked list updated daily, categorized for specific uses. It even creates direct links to recommended GPTs for your convenience.

Categorized for different uses—creative writing, business, coding—it’s your go-to guide for picking the right GPTs for your needs.

23 GPT’s List You should Try Right Now:

GPT NameIconDescriptionLink
Prompty📝Personal prompt engineer, offering improved prompts for better results.Prompty
Calendar GPT📅A personal assistant integrating with calendars for effective day planning.Calendar GPT
CanvaGPT🎨Helps design presentations, logos, social media posts, and more.CanvaGPT
BabyAgi.txt📋A task manager saving conversations with Chat GPT into text files.BabyAgi.txt
Tech Support Advisor🛠️Offers step-by-step assistance with tech-related issues.Tech Support Advisor
Simpsonize Me🎭Turns photos into Simpsons-style art.Simpsonize Me
LogoGPT💡Transforms sketches into personalized logos.LogoGPT
Prompt Professor🎓A teacher specialized in prompt engineering.Prompt Professor
GPT Finder🔍A guide for finding the best GPTs, handpicked and updated daily.GPT Finder
Agent Finder🕵️Helps find the best AI agent for various problems, no bulk export.Agent Finder
DesignerGPT🖥️Creates and hosts beautiful websites.DesignerGPT
Design Lens🖼️Analyzes graphic designs, explains principles, and offers improvement tips.Design Lens
Gif-PT🎞️Makes gifs using DALL·E for spritesheets and code interpreter for animation.Gif-PT
AI Guide🤖An AI expert providing the latest AI insights.AI Guide
Escape the Haunt🏨A text-based haunted hotel escape adventure.Escape the Haunt
DALL·E🖼️Turns imagination into imagery.DALL·E
Data Analysis📊Analyzes and visualizes data from uploaded files.Data Analysis
ChatGPT Classic💬The latest version of GPT-4 without additional capabilities.ChatGPT Classic
Game Time🎲Explains board and card games quickly for all ages.Game Time
The Negotiator🤝Assists in advocating and negotiating for better outcomes.The Negotiator
Creative Writing Coach📝Offers feedback to improve writing skills.Creative Writing Coach
Cosmic Dream🌌Creates visionary digital paintings.Cosmic Dream
Coloring Book Hero🖍️Turns ideas into whimsical coloring book pages.Coloring Book Hero


That’s a wrap on the top 10 GPTs you should definitely check out. Remember, these tools are evolving, and while some might be in their early stages, they show immense promise in enhancing various aspects of your tasks and creativity.