Kits AI Voice App: Free AI Music Generator Tutorial (How to use)

What is Kits AI?

Kits AI is an AI voice platform that allows musicians to create and use AI voices to create their own music. It’s a versatile tool designed for musicians, producers, and creators at all levels of expertise. The platform was founded in 2022 by two musicians, Ben Smith and Nick Spiteri. Kits AI is based in London, England.

Here are some additional details about Kits.AI:

  • The platform is compatible with a variety of software, including Logic Pro, Ableton Live, and FL Studio.
  • Kits AI is constantly adding new features and voices to the platform.
  • The platform has a large and active community of users who share tips and tricks.

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How to Use Kits AI?

Step 1: To use Kits AI, you first need to create an account.

Step 2: Once you have created an account, you can access the library of AI voices.

Step 3: You can then select a voice and start creating your music.

Step 4:Now if you want you can adjust Advanced settings like pitch shift, effects and dynamics.

Step 5: Click on the Convert button to create your own music.

Step 6: Kits AI takes some time and generates music based on the given input.

Step 7: Now you can download the music.

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Who should use

1. Musicians and Producers:

Kits AI offers tools for creating unique music, experimenting with vocal styles, and enhancing your compositions.

2. Podcasters and Voiceover Artists:

Kits AI can help you generate voiceovers, create custom AI voices, and add variety to your podcasts.

3. Content Creators:

From YouTube videos to social media content, Kits AI provides features like text-to-speech, voice blending, and vocal removal to enhance your multimedia projects.

4. Virtual Instrument Enthusiasts:

If you’re into virtual instruments and experimental music, Kits AI allows you to explore new rhythms and sounds.

5. Developers and API Users

Kits AI offers an API for integrating its capabilities into your own applications, making it useful for developers.

Features of

Kits AI has a number of features that make it a powerful tool for musicians. These features include:

1. A library of over 100 AI voices:

Kits has a library of over 100 AI voices, including voices from artists such as Grimes, Lil Nas X, and Charli XCX. These voices can be used to create a wide variety of music genres.

2. One-click RVC v2 model training:

Kits makes it easy to create your own AI voice from scratch. With one-click RVC v2 model training, you can train a high-quality AI voice in just a few minutes.

3. Upload your own .pth files:

If you already have an AI voice that you want to use with Kits.AI, you can upload your own .pth files.

4. High-quality inference and model sharing:

Kits uses high-quality inference and model sharing to ensure that your AI voices sound great and that you can share them with others.

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Kits AI Featured Artists:

Featured ArtistDescription
Reo CragunRenowned singer-songwriter and artist.
Sara PhillipsNotable vocalist and performer.
Sophia GalatéTalented singer and music creator.
Black DaveAccomplished rapper and musician.
Ed HonoretSinger and performer with a unique style.
Jamee CroneliaDynamic artist is known for versatility.
TKPromising talent in the music industry.
Elle ExxeDynamic artist known for versatility.

How to train the AI Voice Model on Kits AI?

  1. Gather Audio Clips:
    • Collect audio clips featuring the voices you want to replicate. Make sure these clips represent the vocal style you aim to create with your AI model.
  2. Access Kits AI Platform:
    • Visit the Kits.AI platform and log in to your account.
  3. Upload Your Audio:
    • Find the upload section on the platform.
    • Drag and drop the audio clips you collected into the upload area.
  4. Start Training:
    • After uploading your audio, initiate the training process by clicking the “Train” button.
  5. Wait for Training:
    • The AI model will begin training on your provided audio clips.
    • This process typically takes approximately 2 hours.
  6. Use Your Model:
    • Once the training is complete, you’ll have a custom voice model ready to use.
    • You can employ this model for voice generation or share it with others.

Already trained a model using Google Colab and have a .pth file?

Kits AI supports that as well:

  1. Upload Your .pth File:
    • If you’ve already trained a voice model using external tools like Google Colab and have a .pth file, you can still use Kits AI.
    • Simply upload your .pth file to the platform.
  2. Instant Access:
    • Kits AI will instantly recognize and integrate your .pth file.
    • You’ll have immediate access to your model for generating voices and sharing with friends.

Benefits of using Kits.AI:

  • You can create your own AI voice that sounds like your favorite artist.
  • You can use AI voices to create a wide variety of music genres.
  • You can share your AI voices with others.
  • You can use Kits.AI to learn more about AI voices.

Other Integrated Tools

AI Voice CloningGenerate personalized AI voice models for music and content creation.
Voice BlendingBlend two voice types to produce a new, unique voice for your library.
AI Singing LibraryAccess royalty-free AI vocal generators for innovative music production.
Custom VoiceoversCreate engaging voiceovers using AI-generated voices.
Variety in PodcastsEnhance podcast diversity by experimenting with various vocal styles.
Text-to-Speech ToolGenerate high-quality audio tracks and voice clips in over 12 languages with no royalties.
Vocal RemovalRemove vocals from instrumental tracks for remixing or background music.
API IntegrationIntegrate Kits AI capabilities into your applications for text-to-speech, voice blending, etc.

Pricing of Kits AI:

Kits.AI is a powerful tool that is now available for free use.


Final Conclusion:

Kits.AI is a powerful tool for musicians who want to create and use AI voices to create their own music. The platform is easy to use and has a variety of features that make it a great choice for musicians of all skill levels.

If you are a musician who is interested in using AI voices to create your own music, Kits AI is a great platform to use. It is easy to use, has a wide variety of features, and works with some of your favorite artists.

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