Voicify AI: Make Custom Model for Free!

Have you ever wondered how those amazing AI music covers are made on YouTube? You know, the ones that sound like your favorite celebrities or even cartoon characters singing popular songs? Well, in this article, I’ll demonstrate precisely how you can make these AI music covers using your favorite voices – from celebrities like Drake, Ariana Grande, Wizkid, or even characters like SpongeBob!

Voicify AI is the go-to platform for creating high-quality AI covers in just a few seconds. You don’t need any specific skills or in-depth knowledge to get started. It’s super user-friendly.


Voicify AI

Voicify AI is a tool used to create AI-generated voice covers, mimicking voices like celebrities and fictional characters, for music covers or text-based speech generation.

What is Voicify AI?

Voicify AI is a platform that enables users to generate AI-powered voice covers, allowing them to mimic and replicate various voices, including those of celebrities, musicians, and fictional characters, for creating music covers or generating speech based on text input.

Getting Started with Voicify AI

Let’s dive straight into it. To begin, go to Voicify AI and sign up. You can either create an account with your email and password or simply use your Google account for seamless access.

When you visit the Voicify AI platform, you’ll notice that it’s a user-friendly and straightforward system for generating high-quality AI covers. It requires no special skills or extensive knowledge, making it incredibly easy to use.

Once you’re in, let’s take a quick tour of the features Voicify AI offers:

Exploring Voicify AI Features

AI Models

  • Voicify AI provides a wide range of AI models to choose from.
  • You can train voices, create original voices, or pick from popular AI models like Drake, Ariana Grande, SpongeBob, and many more.
  • There’s a vast collection of voices available, from Michael Jackson to Kanye West, making your options virtually endless.

Voicify AI Popular Models:

  • 1. AI Minecraft Villager Model
  • 2. AI Narendra Model
  • 3. AI Dio Model
  • 4. AI Goku Model
  • 5. AI Hatsune Miku Model
  • 6. AI Ronaldo Model
  • 7. AI Donald Model
  • 8. AI SpongeBob Model
  • 9. AI Sidhu Moose Wala
  • 10. AI Ariana Grande

Filtering and Community Models

  • You can easily filter through popular AI models.
  • Community models are voices created by users like you, expanding the options even further.
  • Don’t find the voice you want? Use the search bar to locate specific voices easily.

Creating AI Covers

Now, before we proceed further, it’s important to note that Voicify AI is a paid platform. You’ll need credits to generate AI covers. The pricing starts at $9 a month, which gives you 25 credits to use.

Generating AI Covers

Let’s get down to business! Once you’ve got your account set up and credits ready, it’s time to create your AI cover:

Click on “Get Started” and select the voice you want to use. For instance, let’s choose SpongeBob because who wouldn’t love to hear SpongeBob sing, right?

Check out the voice details, like its popularity and usage statistics, to ensure you’re selecting a trending voice.

You can switch between modes – text-to-speech or default mode. The default mode is easy to use; you’ll just need the YouTube URL of the song you want to convert.

Creating Your AI Cover

Go to YouTube and copy the URL of the song you want to use for your AI cover. Let’s say it’s “We Are the World” by Michael Jackson.

Return to Voicify AI, paste the YouTube link, and click on “Submit.” Remember, you need credits for this, so make sure you’ve got them.

Voicify AI will start processing the voice conversion automatically.

And that’s it! In just a few simple steps, you’ll have your very own AI cover ready to go.

How to create Voicify Custom Models?

  1. Access Voicify Custom Models: Visit https://www.voicify.ai/custommodels.
  2. Prepare Your Dataset: Gather a set of acapella vocal files. Ideally, the dataset should be 10+ minutes long and in MP3, WAV, or M4A format.
  3. Upload and Train Your Dataset:
    • Drop your prepared dataset onto the Voicify platform.
    • Begin the training process for your custom voice model.

Dataset Explanation: A dataset refers to a collection of acapella vocal files that you’ll upload for training your custom model. These files should preferably be in MP3, WAV, or M4A formats and have a combined duration of at least 10 minutes.

Privacy Control: If desired, you can keep your custom voice model private, ensuring that only you have access to it.

Training Duration: The training process typically takes between 1 to 6 hours to complete for your custom voice model.

Viewing an Example: You can view examples of custom models on Voicify’s community page, all of which were trained using the same custom model pipeline available to users.

Voicify AI Pros and Cons


  • Artist Selection
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Vocal Toolkit
  • Train Custom Models
  • 20523+ AI Models
  • Realistic Pronunciation


  • Variable Quality
  • Conversion Limits

Voicify AI Pricing


  • Credit Plan: ₹399/month.

  • Creator Plan: ₹1249/month.


  • Power User: ₹4499/month.



Now, before you rush into creating your AI covers, remember that Voicify AI offers a fantastic opportunity to kickstart your YouTube channel. With the trend of AI covers gaining popularity and generating views, this could be your ticket to success.

So, if you’re passionate about music, interested in tech, or just want to have fun creating unique content, Voicify AI is an excellent platform to explore. Sign up, get your credits, and start creating those mind-blowing AI covers today!

And there you have it, the ultimate guide to making AI covers using Voicify AI. Now, go ahead, get creative, and let those AI voices sing.