Airgram AI Meeting Scheduler Review, Pros and Cons

In the quest to enhance meeting efficiency, I’ve explored various tools. One standout is, a tool that simplifies note-taking during meetings, allowing you to concentrate on the discussion rather than writing down notes. This tool caught my attention with its smart features, particularly the new addition called Airgram AI.

What is Airgram AI?

Airgram AI is a comprehensive tool designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of meetings. Its primary function is to simplify the process of recording, transcribing, and summarizing conversations during both internal and client-facing meetings.

The aim is to allow participants to focus more on the meeting itself rather than being preoccupied with note-taking.

Platform Compatibility:

Airgram for Zoom: Airgram AI Integrates with Zoom, offering recording, transcription, and summarizing capabilities for Zoom meetings.

Airgram for Google Meet: Designed to work with Google Meet, ensuring that meetings conducted on this platform are efficiently managed.

Airgram for Microsoft Teams: Complements Microsoft Teams meetings by providing its full range of services, including recording and summarizing conversations.

Airgram for Chrome Extension: This extension enables the use of Airgram’s features directly in the Chrome browser, enhancing accessibility and ease of use.

How to use Airgram AI?

Simplifying Meeting Recordings

Go to and Airgram AI integrates seamlessly with platforms like Zoom and Google Meet. It offers an easy way to record meetings.

When you start a meeting, simply hit the ‘take notes’ button, and a digital notepad appears, letting you set the agenda with customizable templates.

You can allocate different time durations for each agenda item, ensuring your meeting stays on track.

Setting Up Meeting Durations and Sharing Agendas

Efficient time management is crucial in meetings. With Airgram, you can allocate specific durations for various topics, like a quick update or discussing priorities.

Sharing the agenda with participants is as simple as sending an invitation link. When you start recording, Airgram’s assistant begins transcribing the meeting, capturing every detail.

Summaries and Highlights

Post-meeting, Airgram provides a detailed summary, including AI-generated highlights and action items. This feature is invaluable, as it helps you revisit and absorb key points discussed during the meeting.

You can also search for specific terms, like ‘thumbnail’, and the tool will show you where in the meeting that term was mentioned, complete with timestamps.

Effective Note-Taking and Highlighting

While reviewing the meeting transcript, you can highlight important sections, add comments, or create action items.

These highlights appear on your timeline, making it easy to navigate through crucial moments of the meeting.

Exporting Notes and Integrating with Other Apps

After your meeting, you can export your notes to Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or integrate them with apps like Notion, HubSpot, and Slack.

For example, exporting to Notion is straightforward, allowing you to add notes directly to your meetings and notes database. Similarly, integrating with Slack enables you to share notes and meeting links directly in your workspace.

Airgram Meeting Scheduler

Another fantastic feature is the Airgram Scheduler. Once your calendar is connected, you can set up meetings within This tool is unique as it combines AI note-taking with scheduling capabilities.

You can create an event link and share it with others to book a meeting time, making the process efficient and integrated.

Features of Airgram AI

Meeting Notes: You can Imagine having all your meeting notes organized neatly in one place, with the added bonus of easy sharing. That’s what Airgram’s Meeting Notes feature offers. It’s like having a digital filing cabinet that keeps all your meeting records sorted and accessible.

Meeting Agenda: The Meeting Agenda feature is like a collaborative workspace for your team. Before the meeting, everyone can chip in to develop the agenda. This collaborative approach ensures that the conversation stays focused and productive.

Action Items: It allows you to create, organize, and track all the tasks and decisions from your meetings, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Record Meeting: You can capture your online meetings in high-quality audio and video. It’s like having a reliable recorder that ensures every important discussion is saved for future reference.

Transcribe Meeting: Airgram’s real-time transcription means you’ll never miss a word said in a meeting. It’s like having a personal secretary who takes down every word, making it easier to review and understand meeting discussions later.

Auto-join Meeting: The Auto-join Meeting feature is like having a punctual assistant. It automatically joins and records scheduled meetings for you, ensuring you never miss out, even if you’re running late.

Share Meeting Minutes: The Share Meeting Minutes feature lets you clip and share important parts of the meeting in just one click. It’s perfect for when you want to emphasize a particular discussion point with your team.

Audio/Video to Text: This feature is a real time-saver. It converts audio and video files to text quickly and efficiently using AI transcription. It’s ideal for turning recorded content into easily digestible written formats.

Airgram AI Pros:

  • Comprehensive Meeting Management
  • Real-time Transcription
  • High-Quality Recording
  • Action Item Tracking
  • Meeting Agendas
  • Automatic Joining of Meetings

Airgram AI Cons:

  • Integration Challenges
  • Subscription Costs
  • Privacy Concerns

Conclusion: The Power of Airgram AI

In conclusion, is an impressive tool that transforms the way we handle meetings. Its ability to record, transcribe, and summarize meetings, along with its integration capabilities with other apps, makes it an indispensable tool for anyone looking to enhance their productivity. I want to extend my thanks to Airgram for sponsoring this insightful exploration into their AI note-taking tool.