Best 10 GPTs in the GPT Store You Should Try 2024

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Today, I’m excited to share with you my findings on the top 10 most useful GPTs inside the official GPT store. It’s been quite a journey, and after an exhaustive week of testing over a hundred different GPTs, I’ve narrowed down the list to these remarkable ones that stood out from the rest.

GPT Finder

Before we dive into the official countdown, let me introduce you to a GPT I crafted called GPT Finder. I wanted to simplify the process of discovering useful GPTs, so I curated a document containing the top 100 GPTs across various categories.

You can find this gem by searching for “GPT Finder“. It’s a curated selection of the most practical GPTs, saving you from the overwhelming task of sifting through an extensive directory.

Top 10 most useful GPTs:

GPT NameDescriptionLink
Screenshot To Code GPTTransforms screenshots into editable HTML and CSS code.Explore Screenshot To Code GPT
Invideo AIConverts a single sentence into an entire video.Explore Invideo AI
ScholarAIAnalyzes text, figures, and tables from 200 million research papers.Explore ScholarAI
Diagrams Show MeGenerates simple diagrams for visual learning.Explore Diagrams Show Me
Convert AnythingFacilitates the conversion of various file types.Explore Convert Anything
Creative Writing CoachProvides feedback to enhance creative writing skills.Explore Creative Writing Coach
Logo CreatorGuides through the step-by-step process of creating logos.Explore Logo Creator
Prompt PerfectEnhances prompts for better responses from ChatGPT.Explore Prompt Perfect
Super DescribeGenerates prompts for DALLĀ·E to create similar images.Explore Super Describe
Doc MakerCreates documents, PDFs, and PowerPoints based on prompts.Explore Doc Maker

Explore GPTs

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Number 10: Doc Maker

The number 10 is Doc Maker, a GPT with over 25,000 chats recorded. What caught my eye is its handy feature that allows you to set the very first recommendation on a chat as “What can this GPT do?“.

This is an excellent way to provide users with a step-by-step list of the capabilities of your GPT, saving them time and helping them understand the GPT’s potential.

Number 9: Super Describe

In the Dall-E category, we have Super Describe. This GPT aids in generating prompts for Dall-E based on uploaded images. It’s a fantastic tool for obtaining similar images by providing the right prompts to Dall-E.

Simply upload an image, and Super Describe gives you a prompt to achieve a similar result.

Number 8: Prompt Perfect

With an impressive 25,000 chats, Prompt Perfect is designed to enhance your prompts for Chat GPT.

If you’re new to prompting, this tool is a valuable asset, adding details, context, and structure to your prompts, ensuring you receive more precise and useful responses from Chat GPT.

Number 7: Logo Creator

Another gem in the Dall-E category, Logo Creator, stands out with its step-by-step guide. This tool walks you through a series of easy, multiple-choice questions before generating logos.

It provides a variety of options, making it a useful tool even for those with minimal design skills. Remember, it’s a great starting point that you can further customize.

Number 6: Creative Writing Coach by Chat GPT Team

At number six, we have a creative writing coach by the Chat GPT team. With 17 variants to choose from, this GPT is a boon for writers looking to improve their creative writing skills.

Paste your text, seek feedback, and witness how this GPT tailors its responses to improve your creative writing game.

Number 5: Convert Anything

With over 10,000 users, Convert Anything is a versatile tool for file conversion. Whether it’s images, audio, or any file format, this GPT, powered by a code interpreter, swiftly converts your files.

Need a PNG turned into a JPEG? Simply ask, and it generates the necessary code for you.

Number 4: Diagrams Show Me

For visual learners and educators, Diagrams Show Me is a fantastic plugin that quickly creates simple diagrams. It’s an ideal tool if you want to visually represent information.

While it’s currently a plugin, keep an eye out for future developments, as plugins may transition to custom GPTs.

Number 3: Consensus and Scholar AI

Claiming the third spot are two powerful research tools, Consensus and Scholar AI. These GPTs provide access to an extensive database of 200 million research documents.

Ideal for researchers and academics, they analyze text, figures, and tables, offering valuable insights for your scholarly pursuits.

Number 2: In video AI

In the runner-up position, we have Invideo AI, a remarkable tool that transforms a simple sentence into an entire video.

Whether you’re creating content for your business or personal projects, this GPT simplifies the video creation process. It’s an efficient way to bring your ideas to life with minimal effort.

Number 1: Screenshot to Code GPT

One of the standout features of Screenshot to Code GPT is its ability to transform a simple screenshot into editable HTML and CSS code. By using this GPT, you can effortlessly replicate any website design.

No need to fumble through lines of code or spend hours deciphering the structure; Screenshot to Code GPT streamlines the entire process.


If you’re eager to dive deeper into the world of custom GPTs, read our latest article related to ChatGPT.

In conclusion, the GPT store is a treasure trove of innovative tools, each offering unique capabilities. As the AI evolves, keep exploring and experimenting to unlock the full potential of these powerful GPTs.

If you have a favorite custom GPT, share it in the comments below