Unriddle AI PDF Tool for Research 2024

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In this article, we’re going to explore a fantastic research tool called Unriddle AI. This tool is the best AI tool when it comes to analyzing research papers and generating related questions and answers automatically. You can quickly find the info in documents, simplify complex topics prepare notes, and write using unriddle AI.

What is Unriddle AI PDF Tool?

Unriddle AI is a powerful tool designed to help you understand PDF documents quickly. It generates an AI chatbot on top of the document, making it easier for you to find, summarize, and simplify information.

Let’s jump into how it works.

Getting Started with Unriddle AI

Go to unriddle.ai by clicking here.

You’ll need to log in using your Gmail ID. Once logged in, you’ll see a dashboard with various options such as guide, support, affiliate, and upgrade.

  • Guide Section: Offers insights into using Unriddle AI effectively, including prompts, model settings, and more.
  • Support Section: Assists using different software and tools.
  • Affiliate Section: Allows you to earn rewards by referring Unriddle AI to friends and followers.

Uploading and Analyzing Papers

Now, let’s dive into the core functionality. You can easily upload a PDF or text for analysis. Once uploaded, Unriddle AI generates questions related to the document and provides answers automatically.

For example, let’s take the paper titled “A New Approach for Dynamic Physiologic Parameter Tuning in Ant Colony Optimization and Its Application in Fuzzy Control of a Mobile Robot.” Unriddle AI generates questions such as:

  • “What is the mobile robot and why do we need to control it?”
  • “What is a fuzzy trajectory controller?”
  • “What are the advantages of using the ant colony optimization technique?”

Generating Answers

Unriddle AI generates accurate answers too. For example, when asked about a “fuzzy trajectory controller,” it swiftly provides a concise explanation of its purpose and function.

Similarly, it elaborates on the advantages of using the ant colony optimization technique, highlighting its benefits in robotics, particularly in autonomous navigation and fuzzy controller design.

Text Analysis and Upgrade Options

Unriddle AI isn’t limited to PDFs; you can also paste text for analysis. However, for extended functionality beyond the free tier, an upgrade is required. The free tier offers five credits per month, enabling the analysis of five papers.

How Unriddle AI Uses GPT-4 to Link Your Notes?

Unriddle AI operates as a note-taking application that automates the linking of ideas and notes. The secret sauce behind this functionality? GPT-4 powers it. Essentially, when you start jotting down your thoughts on a specific topic, Unriddle steps in by suggesting related ideas and notes from your existing knowledge base.

  • Automatic Linking: No more tedious manual linking with double square brackets, a common chore in other note apps. Unriddle handles this heavy lifting, saving you considerable time.
  • Automatic Resource Finding: While you write, Unriddle automatically fetches relevant resources for your topic.

For example, while discussing how fasting regulates glucose levels, I noticed that despite having documents about fasting, Unriddle failed to recognize its relevance to the topic.

Maybe it requires some processing time to refine its suggestions.

Talk to Your PDFs

AI Chat with References

The app’s interface is pretty straightforward:

  • Document Display: Left side showcases your document.
  • ChatGPT-Like Interface: In the middle, an AI interface allows you to inquire about the document or unrelated topics.
  • Your Notes: On the right, your own notes accompany the process.

As you upload a document, Unriddle AI generates a list of questions you can pose to the AI or type in your queries. This feature is a time-saver, particularly for those dealing with stacks of articles.

Furthermore, the responses come with references, an invaluable asset for students and researchers requiring accurate citations.

Cons of Unriddle

Unfortunately, Unriddle has its limitations:

  • File Upload Restriction: It only accepts PDF files, excluding other formats like Markdown. While beneficial for students and academics dealing with research papers, it’s an inconvenience for Markdown writers.
  • Webpage or Article Upload: If you wish to upload a webpage or an article, the only option is to convert it to PDF beforehand.

Unriddle Pricing:

There are various upgrade plans available based on your needs:

  • Free Plan: Provides five credits per month for analyzing documents.
  • Premium Plan: Offers more credits for enhanced features such as chatbot integration.
  • Affiliate Program: Allows users to earn rewards by referring Unriddle AI to others.


Unriddle AI is a valuable tool for research article preparation, especially for literature survey analysis. Whether you’re a student, researcher, or academic, this tool can significantly simplify your document analysis process.

In a nutshell, Unriddle AI simplifies the complexity of research papers, making your literature review a cakewalk. Feel free to explore its features and upgrade for more advanced functionalities.