Gemma AI LLM Model: All You Need To Know

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Gemma LLM has been Google’s key area of research for a couple of years. Recently, Google launched the Gemini and they also released the Gemma which is built from the same research and technology used to create Gemini models.

As we have seen a tremendous increase in the popularity of AI chatbots and LLMs (large language models) like ChatGPT, Bard, Gemini, MidJourney, etc. Each day, numerous LLMs and AI assisted chatbots are released on the internet for performing various tasks.

What is Google’s Gemma LLM?

Google has recently launched another lightweight, state-of-the-art open model, the Gemma. It is built from the same research and technology that were used to make Gemini. Jointly developed by Google’s DeepMind and other teams across the AI research department, it reflects much the same things as Gemini.


Adding to the excitement, Google is also releasing various tools to support developers and their continued innovation in the field of AI technology.

Gemma is available for usage and testing across the world starting on February 21, 2024. There are several other technical aspects of the release, and most of them will be discussed in the later sections of this blog. 

Gemma AI Models

Since the inception of Google, it has been a key priority for them to release multiple iterations of the same product, which helps them to see what people like and what people are not.

This is a pretty clever move by Google, which helps them get an idea of what they should improve and refine in the next iteration/version. The same instance can be seen with the release of Gemma. 


Here are some of the key details for the release, which are discussed in detail:-

Gemma is principally available in two versions. The versions are, namely, “Gemma 2B” and “Gemma 7B.”. Both variants are fully trained and provide various levels of assistance with the prompts provided. These are pre-tuned and pre-trained to cover various tasks. 

Another important aspect of the release are the additional components, which include a Responsible Generative AI Toolkit, which provides developers with a good way to develop safer applications. These applications are solely meant for the Gemma LLM, but they also show the responsibility of Google to create a safe environment for future language-based models.

Google is also releasing another important component with the Gemma LLM. The toolchains for inference and supervised fine-tuning for various major programming platforms and languages are being provided with the toolkit. It includes some of the most popular frameworks like PyTorch, JAX, and TensorFlow through the native Keras 3.0 version.

Google will never forget to take care of developers and programmers, so they’re also releasing Kaggle and Colab notebooks, which will be extremely helpful for software developers. They’re also providing other popular tools like MaxText, Face, and NVIDIA NeMo to make it a good experience to work with Gemma LLM.

You can also get hold of some of the most amazing instruction-based models, which can be run with cloud deployment across major platforms like workstations, mainframes, and even your desktop or laptop. Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Vertex AI can also be used for the deployment of the models. 

While the software aspect is very important to ensure a smooth run of the LLM, it is also important to note that Google is also providing optimization across multiple hardware platforms, including GPUs by NVIDIA as well as Google Cloud TPUs. 

Note:- The terms of usage for Google Gemma permit responsible usage and distribution in the initial phase for all organizations, irrespective of size. 

Gemma HuggingFace Community

Gemma HuggingFace is by far the most important tool provided by Gemma. HuggingFace enables AI developers across the world to collaborate on various AI models, applications, and datasets.

Gemma Hugging Face

Gemma released models on huggingFace:

google/gemma-7bAccess Here
google/gemma-7b-itAccess Here
google/gemma-2bAccess Here
google/gemma-2b-itAccess Here

This may seem like a small thing, but it brings talented developers from various parts of the world closer together.

Gemma LLM performance Insights:

Google’s Gemma LLM shares similar technical aspects in terms of performance with Gemini. Both are Google’s largest and most capable LLMs, capable of providing users with results for any major or minor task provided.

Gemma achieves the best performance in comparison to major LLMs, beating them by significant margins. Gemma 2B and 7B provide tremendous performance in terms of generating prompts, much better than ChatGPT or LLAMA-2

It performs quite well in dataset composition and modeling frameworks. It surpasses key metrics in benchmark tests, indicating its capability. Gemma can be described as the most innovative and creative LLM in Google’s inventory. 

Is Gemma safer than other LLMs?

Yes, Google’s Gemma seems to be much more responsibly designed than its competition. With AI principles at the forefront, Gemma uses advanced automated techniques to become safe and reliable.

It filters out personal information and other sensitive data at the grassroots, which makes it safer to use.

Google employs a novel methodology for building a safe classification environment for prompts and outputs.

There is also a model of a debugging tool provided by Gemma, which helps build a better platform for every AI enthusiast. 

How do I use Gemma LLM?

Gemma is currently available across the world. You can use Gemma models, paired with Kaggle. Gemma is also available for usage along with other tools like PyTorch, Transformers, MaxText, Pax, and Flex.

Gemma is not readily available for use like ChatGPT and Gemini, due to its nature of being only a language model as of now. If time permits, Google will develop the incremental update for Gemini and integrate Gemma into its core. 

For developers, Gemma is a pretty huge addition. But for tech enthusiasts and AI chatbot users, Gemma is not available as a chatbot. If you want to explore conversational AI chatbots, you can use Gemini.

Gemma Conclusion:

Gemma is a lightweight but highly capable LLM. It is the latest addition to Google’s AI tool lineup. It’s developed by DeepMind and other research teams working within Google. Gemma is available in two versions, Gemma 2B and Gemma 7B. Both versions are well-trained and capable of handling various tasks at the disposal of the developers. 

  • Gemma is released with the support of popular database notebooks like Kaggle and Colab. This enables larger distribution and easy access to the language for developers and AL enthusiasts. 
  • Gemma HuggingFace is a major addition, which provides massive collaboration between developers and AI testers across the world. 
  • Gemma LLM proves its superior performance compared to other LLM models. It is lightweight and user-friendly, but can deliver strong performance in a short time. 


1. What is Gemma?

Gemma is the latest LLM (large language model) by Google. It is lightweight and fast. 

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