Caktus.AI 56+ AI Tools Review (Free for students only)

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This AI Tool is specially made for Students. Today we’re going to explore the Caktus AI Tool which helps students to write essays, program codes, Language tutors, Maths and Science question solvers.

Caktus AI offers a comprehensive suite of AI tools designed to assist students in solving their daily homework assignments. Here, we’ll provide a complete guide and review of Caktus AI. So let’s get started

What is Caktus.AI?

Caktus AI is an AI educational tool and all-in-one study companion for school students. helps students by writing essays and providing math and science solutions, to grasp the concept of each subject.

It’s an AI assistant consisting of other 56 AI tools. It also provides programming solutions.

How to Use Caktus.AI?

Step 1: Visit and sign up for new account

Visit homepage and Click on the Join caktus button.

On the next page, enter your name, and email and create a new account.

Step 2: Choose your Plan.

Buy a plan before using tool.

Step 3: Dashboard

After successful signup, you’ll see the Dashboard contains various tools in different categories like writing, coding, studying, language, fun, Arts, and many more.

Step 4: Select your Tool

Now, it’s time to pick the tool that suits your objective. Whether it’s crafting written content, solving coding challenges, or enhancing your language skills.

Features of Caktus.AI

Polished Documents at Your Fingertips: With Caktus Text Editor, your text documents are in for a treat. You can easily format and refine your content.

The Gold Standard of Academic Sources: Thanks to integration with CORE, you’ll find your references exclusively from trusted, published papers.

Personalize writing style to You: Personalization takes center stage with Caktus AI. By sharing a snippet of your actual writing, watch as Caktus adapts and crafts content that mirrors your unique style.

AI-Powered Chat Assistance: Think of Caktus as your ultimate study companion. Whenever homework woes strike, this AI buddy is right there with you, ready to lend a helping hand.

How to Access Caktus AI premium account?

If you’re a student then you can easily use the Caktus AI free student plan. It’s made only for students and you can access the Caktus AI premium account here.

Caktus AI 56 AI Tools List:


Writing AI ToolDescription
Blog Post IdeasGenerate creative ideas for blog posts.
Blog Post OutlineCreate an organized blog post outline.
Text SummarizerSummarize lengthy text with precision.
Paragraph GeneratorQuickly generate paragraphs of content.
Creative StoryCraft engaging and imaginative stories.
Content ImproverEnhance the quality of your content.
Personal BioCreate an impressive personal biography.
Persuasive Bullet PointsGenerate compelling bullet points.
Hook GeneratorCraft attention-grabbing hooks.
Sentence ExpanderExpand sentences with depth and detail.
Email WriterGenerate emails for various occasions.
Grammar FixerCorrect grammar errors in your writing.
Article SummarizerSummarize articles for quick insights.
AP Style FormattingFormat content following AP style.
Email ResponderCraft responses to emails effectively.
Poetry WriterCreate beautifully composed poetry.
Script WriterGenerate scripts for different needs.
Conclusion WriterGenerate concluding statements.
College Apps WriterWrite impressive college applications.
Discussion QuestionsGenerate thought-provoking questions.
Discussion board post (Disagree)Create well-structured disagreement posts.
Discussion board post (Agree)Generate structured agreement posts.
Book SummarizerSummarize books for quick overviews.
Ted Talk to EssayTransform Ted Talks into essays.
Essay WriterGenerate well-structured essays.
Personal Statement WriterCreate compelling personal statements.
YouTube to EssayConvert YouTube content into essays.
Article ExplainerCraft explanatory content for articles.


Coding AI ToolDescription
Python WriterGenerate Python code snippets.
Bash Code CreatorCreate Bash code effortlessly.
C# WriterGenerate C# code quickly.
Go WriterCreate Go programming code.
Java WriterGenerate Java code snippets.
Javascript WriterCreate JavaScript code easily.
Ruby WriterGenerate Ruby code effortlessly.
Rust WriterCreate Rust programming code.
SQL WriterGenerate SQL code snippets.
TypeScript WriterCreate TypeScript code efficiently.
Write a Python DocstringGenerate Python docstrings.
Javascript to PythonConvert JavaScript to Python code.


Studying AI ToolDescription
Text to NotesConvert text content into study notes.
Article Note TakerExtract key points from articles.


Language AI ToolDescription
Spanish TutorGet assistance with Spanish learning.
Mandarin TutorLearn Mandarin effectively.
Italian TutorGet help in learning Italian.
Russian TutorMaster Russian language with guidance.
Japanese TutorLearn Japanese language with ease.
French TutorEnhance your French language skills.
Arabic TutorGet guidance in learning Arabic.


STEM AI ToolDescription
Present ValueCalculate present value for finances.
Derivative CalculatorCalculate derivatives for math problems.
Integral CalculatorSolve integrals with ease.
Chemical AnalyzerAnalyze chemical compounds efficiently.
Reaction BalancerBalance chemical reactions accurately.
Geometric ShifterManipulate geometric shapes with precision.
Geology TutorGet tutoring for geology concepts.

Job Application:

Job Application AI ToolDescription
Cover Letter WriterGenerate professional cover letters.
Resume Bullet PointsCreate impactful resume bullet points.


Fun AI ToolDescription
Class Absent ExcusesGenerate creative excuses for absences.
Love LetterCraft heartfelt love letters.
SongwriterGenerate lyrics for songs.
Caption WriterCreate engaging captions for content.
Text ResponderGenerate text responses efficiently.


Movie Scene AnalysisAnalyze scenes from movies effectively.

Final Words: is such a great AI tool for school students. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Here in this post, I’ve shared detailed guidance about the tool.

In a nutshell, Caktus AI is a versatile and educational AI tool that boosts learning and creativity. With a wide range of features providing writing, coding, studying, languages, STEM, and more.

Caktus AI is more than just an assistant; it’s a great tool for growth and success in an ever-evolving world of knowledge.

Caktus. AI FAQs:

1. Can Caktus AI be detected?

Caktus AI cannot be detected as it operates seamlessly to assist users.

2. Is Caktus AI better than ChatGPT?

3. How can I use the Caktus ai free version?

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