IdeoGram AI: Free Text-to-Image Generator Tutorial & Review 2024

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IdeoGram AI is the latest AI Free Text to Image generator tool recently launched on 22 August. Today here, we’re going to explore IdeoGram AI. This AI tutorial is going to save your time and money by generating Hyper-realistic images in seconds by just writing the prompts only.

Here, I will share the complete process of generating Images by using IdeoGram AI. So, let’s begin.

What is IdeoGram AI?

Ideogram AI is a text-to-image generation tool that allows users to effortlessly combine text with AI-generated visuals to create stunning and personalized artwork, logos, and designs.

It simplifies the process of adding text to images, making it accessible to a wide range of creative individuals, and offers a platform for users to explore, create, and share their visual creations.

While other tools may struggle to put text onto AI-generated images, Ideogram AI does it with breathtaking ease and speed. It’s like having a digital Picasso at your fingertips, ready to craft your vision in seconds.

Image Styles

It supports a diverse set of image style tags, including Illustration, Typography, Poster, Photo, 3D Render, Architecture, Fashion, Product, Painting, Vibrant, Portrait Photography, Cinematic, Dark Fantasy, Wildlife Photography, Anime, and Graffiti.

IdeoGram AI Tool Highlights:

AI ToolIdeoGram AI
CategoryImage Generator
FeatureText to Image
Launch Date22 August 2023
Versionv0.1, v0.2
PricingFree, Paid

How to use IdeoGram AI?

You can follow the below procedure to create images using IdeoGram AI.

Getting Started with Ideogram AI

Now firstly, visit

IdeoGram Sign up with Google Account

Now, here’s the best part – signing up is fast and straightforward. Just a simple click to sign up using your Google account.

IdeoGram AI sign up

Stepping Inside Ideogram AI

Now, let’s step into the heart of Ideogram AI. I’ll log in to my account and give you a sneak peek into what lies within.

As you enter Ideogram, you’ll notice something familiar yet utterly inspiring.

What sets Ideogram AI apart is its sheer simplicity and versatility. Creating stunning visuals is a cakewalk.

Navigating Ideogram AI

Now, let’s take a quick tour. At the top, you’ll find the latest creations.

Scroll down, and you’ll discover trending artworks, giving you a pulse on what’s hot in the Ideogram AI community.

Creating Your Image

Creating your artwork with Ideogram AI is a cakewalk.

The Art of Crafting Prompts

Now, pay close attention here – crafting the perfect prompt is key. It’s the heartbeat of your creation. So, let’s dive into a few exciting ways you can use Ideogram AI.

Method 1: Simplicity Rules

One method is keeping it simple yet impactful. Imagine you want to convey the message, “Never give up” Just type those words, and let your creativity flow.

Add elements like “stars” and “sky” to give your artwork that celestial touch.

Choose from various styles like typography, graffiti, or cinematic. Set your preferred aspect ratio and hit ‘generate.’

Method 2: Adding a Dash of Detail

Ideogram offers another approach. Let’s say you want to create an image for “Work smart, not hard.”

Start with “Text:” to indicate your desired message, and then add your text.

Enhance your prompt with descriptors like “sunrise” and “sky.” Experiment with different styles and aspect ratios, and let the AI do its thing.

Method 3: A Touch of Storytelling

But what if you want to narrate a compelling story through your art? Ideogram AI can handle that too.

You can use prompts like “person holding the sign that says” and then add your text – in this case, “Live in the now.”

Specify additional details like “sunrise” and “sky.” Adjust the style and aspect ratio to your liking, and watch the narrative unfold.

Create Logos using IdeoGram AI

But Ideogram AI isn’t limited to text alone. It can also help you create eye-catching logos effortlessly.

Imagine you need a logo for your marketing company, bearing the slogan “Let’s do marketing.”

Craft your prompt, choose a style, and let Ideogram AI weave its magic.

IdeoGram AI Features:

Text-to-Image GenerationGenerate AI realistic Images just by writing prompts.
User-Friendly InterfaceProvides very easy interface to use.
Provides a very easy interface to use.Users can choose from a variety of styles such as typography, graffiti, and cinematic to enhance their creations.
Aspect Ratio CustomizationIdeogram AI allows users to set their preferred aspect ratio to match their specific design needs.
Regeneration for RefinementUsers can regenerate their creations to refine details until they achieve the desired result.
Creation Saving and StorageAll generated artworks and designs are automatically saved under the user’s profile for easy access.
Logo CreationBeyond text, Ideogram AI can assist in crafting professional logos.
Randomized InspirationUsers can opt for the “Lucky Star” feature for random style selection, sparking creative surprises.

IdeoGram AI Advanced Features:

Ideogram Plus offers you the ability to create and manipulate images in a private space, ensuring that only you have access to these generated visuals. This privacy feature empowers users to control the visibility of their creative images.

Private Generations:

To initiate this privacy setting, simply toggle the “private” option by clicking the arrow icon adjacent to the “Generate” button.

This choice allows you to decide whether your creation remains solely for your viewing or becomes publicly accessible.

Accessing Your Private Generations:

To review your private creations, navigate to your profile page through the “me” icon and click on the dedicated “Private” tab. Here, you’ll find an archive of your exclusive visual compositions, securely stored for your personal exploration and enjoyment.

Image Prompting and Manipulation

With Image Prompting, users can upgrade their creativity by uploading personal images onto Ideogram for manipulation using the Remix tool. Uploaded images remain private and are accessible under the “Uploaded” tab within your user profile.

Begin by selecting an image of your choice for upload. Once uploaded, you can adjust its appearance by cropping it to one of three preset aspect ratios:

  • 10:16 (Portrait)
  • 1:1 (Square – default)
  • 16:10 (Landscape)

Zoom in on specific portions of the image for precise cropping by clicking the magnifying glass icon. After cropping, the image will display in the prompt box, enabling you to input a description or direction for the desired output.

Fine-tune the image’s impact on the final result by adjusting its weight using the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons.

The Remix Tool

Selecting an image activates the “Remix” feature, facilitating the creation of new prompts using the chosen image and its generating prompt. The prompt box and style tags automatically populate with the previously utilized information.

The Remix tool offers control over the influence, or “weight,” of the original or “parent” image on the newly generated creation. This weight adjustment ranges across five levels, allowing for varying degrees of influence.

Level five signifies a dominant impact, while users can opt for no influence from the parent image, solely relying on the prompt and style tags for the new image’s creation.

Aspect Ratios and Style Tags

Users can select from different aspect ratios to shape the generated image according to their preferences.

Additionally, Ideogram provides a range of style tags influencing the artistic style of the creations:

  • 3D Render
  • Anime
  • Architecture
  • Cinematic
  • Conceptual Art
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Fashion
  • Graffiti
  • Illustration
  • Painting
  • Photo
  • Portrait Photography
  • Poster
  • Product
  • Typography
  • Ukiyo-e
  • Vibrant
  • Wildlife Photography

Click on a style tag to apply it, as these tags carry significant weight in determining the aesthetic outcome of your generated image. Use these tools to craft visually stunning and personalized creations within your private space on Ideogram Plus.

Ideogram Creator Titles:

On Ideogram, users who are excelling with their creations get recognized with special titles to honor their talent.

Right now, Ideogram got three titles: Rising Creator, Top Creator, and Elite Creator.

Now, these titles aren’t just handed out randomly. Nope, you’ve gotta meet certain criteria to snag one. To be eligible, you’ve gotta be active recently and create images that really align with our vibe.

When you earn a title, your profile picture gets this cool outline in a color that matches your tier. For example, if you’re an “Elite Creator,” your profile pic gets this sleek gold outline.

Wondering how we decide who gets these titles? Well, we look at a bunch of stuff, like how many generations you’ve created, how many users liked your creations, your followers, and even how many times other users have remixed your stuff.

Normally, if you’re on the free plan, you get 25 standard generations per day. When you’ve got a title, that number shoots up.

Check this out:

  • Rising Creator: 250 generations/day
  • Top Creator: 500 generations/day
  • Elite Creator: 1000 generations/day

Ideogram Plus Pricing:

  1. Free Plan
    • Monthly Price: Free
    • Annual Price: Free
    • Features:
      • Standard generation: 100 images/day (25 prompts/day)
      • Community browsing
      • Compressed (JPG) image download
      • No priority generation
  2. Basic Plan
    • Monthly Price: $8 USD
    • Annual Price: $84 USD ($7 USD/month)
    • Features:
      • Priority generation: 1600 images/month (400 prompts/month)
      • Standard generation: 400 images/day (100 prompts/day)
      • Priority access to new features
      • Original Quality (PNG) image download
  3. Plus Plan
    • Monthly Price: $20 USD
    • Annual Price: $192 USD ($16 USD/month)
    • Features:
      • Priority generation: 4000 images/month (1000 prompts/month)
      • Unlimited standard generation
      • Priority access to new features
      • Original Quality (PNG) image download
      • Priority generation top-up (coming soon)


  • Priority generation requests are processed ahead of standard generation requests.
  • Standard generation might experience delays based on Ideogram’s available capacity.

Who should use Ideogram AI?

Content Creators: Bloggers, social media influencers, and content creators can use Ideogram AI to generate logos, graphics, and illustrations for their online platforms.

Designers and Artists: Graphic designers, illustrators, and artists can use Ideogram to brainstorm ideas, find inspiration, and create unique visual elements for their projects.

Marketers and Advertisers: Marketing professionals, advertisers, and brand managers can use Ideogram to craft compelling visuals for ad campaigns, social media promotions, and branding materials.

Students and Educators: Students, educators, and researchers can employ Ideogram AI for educational purposes, generating visuals for presentations, infographics, and academic projects.

Businesses and Entrepreneurs: Small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs can benefit from Ideogram for creating visuals for their websites, product designs, logos, and marketing materials.

Photographers: Photographers can experimenting with various styles, or seeking inspiration for their photographic work can use Ideogram to explore different visual concepts and artistic directions.

Demo Images Created by Ideogram AI

Create a black panther head, Black with piercing yellow and black eyes, dramatic, cinematic, layered paper cut model art, paper illustration, intricately detailed, beautiful black panther ((anime style)) fire background, 3d, 8k, Hyperrealistic, ultra Detailed, unreal. , poster, fashion, dark fantasy, portrait photography, conceptual art.

3 crystal Christmas balls, LILAC, Names “Familia Garcia,”, snowflakes, 4k, product, anime, vibrant, typography, poster, photo, 3d render, cinematic, graffiti, painting, fashion, illustration.

A futuristic steampunk Cowgirl, armed with revolvers, wearing an outfit with intricate steampunk components, wearing a corset, Wild West town background, full body portrait, hyper realistic, photo, cinematic, portrait photography.

Cute vintage art style of a sitting woman, dark Christmas hat, with a smile on the front, wearing a Christmas sweater with the name “Jazmin” written in gold and with black eyes and with glass and long black straight hair with gray highlights. 3D, with Christmas background, with snowflakes and pretty glass ornaments, very elegant hair. To the right of her, two cute cats, a orange cat and a calico cat. ❤️ melhurtado02 ❤️, illustration, anime, product, fashion, painting, cinematic, 3d render, poster, photo

Manzana de cristal, agua, alcohol, tinta, foto, fantasía oscura v0.1 y el texto 3d”Mihaela”.

A futuristic steampunk Cowgirl, armed with revolvers, wearing an outfit with intricate steampunk components, wearing a corset, Wild West town background, full body portrait, hyper-realistic, photo, cinematic, portrait photography.

Join IdeoGram AI Community

But Ideogram AI is more than just a tool; it’s a community of creators. Follow fellow artists, discover their work, and draw inspiration from their creations.

It’s a collaborative space where ideas flourish, and innovation thrives.

IdeoGram AI Alternatives:

Conclusion of IdeoGram AI

Ideogram AI is the new text-to-image generation tool that’s turning heads in the digital world. It’s not just about creating visuals; it’s about crafting experiences, telling stories, and leaving your mark on the digital canvas.

Click on any creation that piques your interest, and you’ll uncover the prompts and instructions that led to that masterpiece.

Visit IdeoGram AI here.

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